Sitting and Waiting

In my last episode, I wrote about bears sitting the woods. This time, I’m going to tell about just sitting in the woods. The Other Guide spends most of the fall hunting. This apparently involves mostly finding a good vantage point and Sitting. Over the years, he’s told many stories about watching the animals and them watching him, squirrels sitting on his head, birds perched on his feet, a fisher climbing up behind him while he was in his tree stand. This sounded pretty interesting to me. Since this winter is so weirdly mild and snow-free (so far), I’ve been somewhat at a loss for Things To Do. So the other day, we went out in the woods. We took camp chairs and sleeping bags – and the camera. We set up our “observation point” on a small knoll and settled in to watch the show…

I had been warned that this wasn’t an ideal time for seeing critters: we’d recently had freezing rain and the forest was dripping. I mean, the sun was out, but it was raining under the trees. It was also mid-morning in January and even if it did seem like fall, the Other Guide explained that the animals had done their winter preparations already and weren’t likely to be out and around. I still wanted to try. Soon after we settled in, I heard a blue jay. Then we heard some scurrying and saw a red squirrel checking us out from a distance. I figured I’d be covered in critters in no time. After what seemed like hours, I whispered to the O.G. that I guessed he was right and I was ready to pack it up. Feeling quite proud of my patience, I asked him how long had we Sat and Waited. Forty-five minutes. Seriously?

Despite my short attention span and the lack of head-sitting animals, I would do it again.
If we went in the fall or in the spring at daybreak or dusk, we would likely see much more activity. Then again, even without the animal show, it’s very nice Sitting and Waiting in the woods.

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