Better Late Than Never

I just got back from my second (!!?) snowshoe hike of the winter. It’s over 60 degrees out. I never got my snowshoes down from their summer home upstairs in the barn until this week. This time of year is usually the beginning of the end of snowshoeing. This year it’s the beginning and the end. It’s been a weird year for winter activities. Snow, rain, then freezing resulted in lots of ice instead of snow, but not the best ice conditions on the lakes. My assignment at LL Bean lasted until the end of February. Excuses? I got a hundred of ‘em.

I walked on my road this winter. It just doesn’t have the same charm of snowshoeing through the woods. It’s not a heavily traveled road, but the the peaceful solitude factor is conspicuously missing. The dog has to be on a leash. It’s pretty much a straight shot going and the same straight shot coming back. I didn’t realize how much I missed snowshoeing until I went and did it. And really, it’s still the beginning of March; there might be a few more chances to tromp through the woods in the snow. I guess I’ll hold off getting my bike out for a little while longer.

PS. Man! I messed up that last post. Yeah, I think it would’ve been more entertaining with actual pictures instead of question marks. I think it has something to do with the size of the picture files I posted, but danged if I know. You all probably just used your imaginations anyway…right?

1 thought on “Better Late Than Never

  1. I enjoyed the snowshoe the other day too! Its just so freeing out in the woods, with the dog running along side of us. I saw a killdeer today, not a dead deer! Spring is coming, so we had better hurry up and get the snowshoeing in! Princess

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